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for film & TV work

Recent credits

Hobbs & Shaw - (The Fast & the Furious spin off)

Provided/operated a Jason Stratham 'double' Manikin for vehicle stunts plus additional Stunt Action Manikins used

Curfew - Sky Productions

Manikin wrangler for a combination of 32 Special Action Manikins and Stunt Dummies carrying out various vehicle and stunt work with male/women/mixed ethnicities


Fully Articulated & Realistic

S.A.M. black ethnic stunt dummy/manikin fully articulated and realistic S.A.M. black ethnic stunt dummy/manikin fully articulated and realistic

A safe alternative for those otherwise impossible shots

S.A.M. replacing child actor in car crash scene

Action Manikin Services

Our manikins are provided with a comprehensive options list, and can be fully customised in advance to meet your requirements to minimise prep time on location. In addition we provide full support on location to ensure everything goes to plan, with clear benefits to your production team.

Just some of the available options

On-location services

Production benefits

Vehicle & impact work

S.A.M. stunt dummy/manikin car crash scene

Dead bodies & water work

S.A.M. stunt dummy/manikin dead bodies

Hangings & dead bodies

S.A.M. stunt dummy/manikin hanging

Manikins not dummies

Not a regular 'stunt dummy' - these Special Action Manikins are an integrated member of your cast - used for doubling actors and stunt performers.

S.A.M. stunt dummy/manikin hanging

Creating S.A.M.

Developed by top Action Director and Stunt Co-ordinator Jason White, S.A.M. is a brilliant brainchild that brings big new action to the film and TV industry - and guarantees to double the impact of your production.

Already embraced by leading broadcasters and drama productions, S.A.M. action performers are insurance and adjustment free and are happy to take on your next big idea for movie entertainment.

Find out more in our 90 second trailer...

Not just the average prop but an integrated member of your cast

We have many manikins in stock covering a wide range of ethnicities


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